pmwares helps organizations to build strong and sustainable project management processes and develop a system to optimize project deliveries. This helps organizations to execute their projects through a well defined process that enables meticulous planning and discipline execution to ensure delivery of objectives within stated time and budgeted cost. This also helps winning customer’s confidence, employee happiness and enhance invaluable reputation.

  • Define Project Management Processes and assist implementing them in projects
  • Setup Project Management Office (PMO) to support planning, tracking and reporting of projects.
  • Manage outsourced PMO – We will take care of all the responsibilities of PMO
  • Architect and guide the implementation of Enterprise Project Management system.

Define/Optimize Project Management Processes

Based on the current level of implementation of project management processes, we define from scratch or optimize existing processes.

We study the current processes (as is) and discuss proposed processes (to be) with the stakeholders. We identify the gaps and propose a plan to move from current processes to new processes. Future processes are focused on filling the gaps in the current process and therefore bring minimum change in the system. If organization does not have any defined processes, we define the complete end to end processes and guide the implementation.

A group of executives/managerd is identified within the organization as project management group to lead the initiative with the help of consultant. Definition of new processes and their implementation is time bound with pilot projects. A plan is laid out in the beginning itself for the project management group to gradually take over and guide the implementation for rest of the projects.

At a high level, following steps are involved

  • Analyze current project management processes.
  • Identify areas of improvement and opportunities for best practices.
  • Lay down the map of future processes with minimum changes.
  • Define complete end to end processes if organization does not have defined processes.
  • Discuss the plan of implementation with stakeholders.
  • Work with project management group and project teams to implement processes.
  • Help project teams to adopt new processes to bring project management discipline
  • Provide training and on the job support as required.
  • Let the project management group take over to guide project execution in future and reap the benefits.

Project Management Office (PMO) / Outsourced PMO

Project Management Office (PMO) is a support function that supports the project by providing help:

  • In Initiating and planning the projects
  • Sharing best practices and helping project team to adopt them
  • Preparing, maintaining, improving and proving templates and guidelines
  • Managing shared resources and making them available to projects
  • Collecting & compiling data, generating reports and distributing them to stakeholder,
  • Preparing project metrics and tracking them at project, unit and organization level
  • Highlighting the issues, help project manager to deal with issues, bring attention of the management to serious issues

A PMO is of great help to project managers, senior managers and management in streamlining the project management in the organization and to ensure better quality deliveries on time and within budget.

pmwares helps organization to define objectives of PMO, recommend the structure and help setting up the PMO function to achieve the stated objectives.

Outsourced PMO

There are many situation when an outsourced PMO can be much more effective than led by internal team. Such as:

  • Organizations want to implement PMO but they do not have resources.
  • Organizations are not sure about their investment in this area due uncertainty of results.
  • Organizations want to understand the functioning and effectiveness of PMO before they invest in it.

All these are the situations when organization can outsource their PMO.

pmwares works with stakeholders to setup the PMO and run it offering all benefits and value add from experts.  

When organization wants to continue with its own resources later, pmwares will help in transitioning the process to be led by organization’s leaders.

Outsourced PMO model helps in quick start-up, get early benefits, less issues, on the job training to internal team and smooth transition.

Enterprise Project Management

An typical Enterprise Project Management (EPM) integrate following:


Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is an integrated system of various processes and resources needed to manage projects across the organization.

A typical EPM environment consolidate human and material resources across the organization. A project manager prepares a project schedule using organizational resources and submit to EPM. EPM informs all the team members about their assignments. Team Members using time sheet component of the EPM, report their time spent on the project work. Project Manager tracks the report by comparing his/her plan with actual progress reported by team members and adjust the plan accordingly. Any change in the plan is reported to affected team members.

A Senior Manager can create a portfolio of projects under him/her and define a performance criteria. He/she can evaluate portfolio performance against the criteria and take necessary decision.

An EPM also supports collaboration among team members by providing a platform to discuss and share views, manage risk, issues, meeting, MOM and share project documents.

pmwares provides consulting to setup and implement EPM. We architect and guide the implementation. Without a thought full architecture based on organization’s needs, implementation of EPM may not be effective and can become a struggle.

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