Why Project Management Processes

Project Management Processes are basic building blocks for implementation of project management in any organization. Defining project management processes is the starting point towards a systematic approach for executing projects that delivers stated objective consistently. Consistency and predictability in the outcome cannot be achieved without robust processes and their discipline execution.

The Approach

Defining or optimizing is completely based on current level of implementation of project management processes in the organization. It also depends upon issues that the organization is facing and future needs.

It starts with study of current processes (as is), understanding of issues & needs of the organization and then proposing implementation plan.

If organization has little or no implementation of project management processes then new processes are defined based on issues and needs of the organization.

pmwares will analyse your current processes, understand your needs and issues and suggest new processes to address them. pmwares will all plan and guide the implementation. We will help your project management group to takeover and drive future projects. See below for the steps involved in this process.

The Steps

At a higher level following steps are involved in defining or optimizing project management processes and getting them implemented

– Identify a project management group who will drive the initiative in the organization and participate in all following activities.

– Analyse current project management processes and implementations

– Understand current issues that the organization is facing

– Identify areas of improvement and opportunities for best practices.

– Understand organization’s growth plan and future needs

– Ley down the map of future processes with minimal changes.

– Discuss future processes with stakeholders and incorporate their suggestions.

– Define new processes or changes in current processes as proposed above.

– Prepare an implementation plan

– Discuss the plan of implementation with stakeholders.

– Work with project management group and project teams to implement processes.

– Help project teams to adopt new processes and work with them to overcome challenges.

– Provide training and on the job support as required.

– Let the project management group take over to guide project management processes in future.

– Provide need based support to project management group to lead the implementation.

– Reap the results of meticulous planning and discipline execution.

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