How pmwares provide all that you need to pass PMP Exam?

Identifying the single most important question on the mind of every PMP aspirants, explaining points where a PMP Aspirant often gets confused and suggesting a right direction is one thing. Being a project management consulting, it is even more important for pmwares to demonstrate and provide a solution. Below you will find how pmwares addresses these critical points

1. You need an excellent trainer not a big institute

pmwares is not a big institute any way and neither we have a vision to become one. Our vision is to help project managers in achieving excellence, deliver better results than ever and manage stakeholders around to keep a work/life balance to provide quality time to their family as well.

Our trainers have several years of delivery experience and they are trainers by hobby, by profession and because they enjoy helping people.

Nagesh Mandalik, Delivery Manager at Mphasis who did course here and cleared the PMP exam in less than one month. Let’s see what he said after completing the course…

“Very interactive, focused on PMBOK, Very useful for PMI Exam Prep”

He cleared the exam in less than 1 month and sent out following email

I cleared the PMP exam on Monday.
It was easier than expected.
Must have scored about 85%. (they don’t tell exact score)
Prep work –
I studied the book we got at end of class.
I went thru the notes that Vivek gave.
I did about 500 odd practice questions”

Chandrashekhar (Synechron),  another participants in the same batch cleared the exam after some time and he wrote…

I cleared the PMP exam  today (Saturday).
Must have scored about 80%. (they don’t tell exact score)
Apart from Nagesh, I went through the online study material from Vivek’s book”

Wani S.M. (Mahindra & Mahindra) says…

“Trainer has very good knowledge and practical experience on the topic”

Kamal Punjabi and Darshna Patel who attended another course state the following

“Learning is my passion. I loved your lecture Mr. Vivek”

“Good, soft spoken and knowledgeable trainer – Mr. Vivek Prakash. I am very happy to have training under him”

These testimonials can go on and on. You can refer the testimonial section for more. The idea behind stating comments from few participants is that how an excellent trainer makes a difference in the life of the people and participants go back with extreme satisfaction. That is why a trainer is most important.

2. You need excellent guidance not just Q/A

We provide overview of the exam, explain what is important and what is not, guide how to look at the situation from PMI perspective (to answer the question) and practical perspective (implement at work) and fill the gap between theory and practice.

At every logical step, we take a set of questions that represent questions on the exam & real life situations and encourage discussion to understand the underlying principle. If principle is understood then it does not matter you are answering the question in the exam or handling a situation in your project, you are going to be a better decision maker.

Let’s see what Ajit Gaikwad (Lumax) says about the session

“Interactive discussion for almost each point.”

Rahul Agashe (Synechron) from another batch says…

“Appreciate the overall openness of the entire course. Participants are free to ask any question at any point of time.”

Rahul passed the PMP exam after some time and he sent out following email

“Today I have cleared my PMP exam. … …As far as about preparation, I read PMBOK only once. I went through Rita Mulcahy book twice. After that I was completely relied on the Book which you gave us during training. I must say that the online test simulators provided by that book were real good and helped me to asses myself very well.

The training program you conducted is good one and I don’t think with the time constraints we have we can do anything better. Only one advice you can give to the participants is that if they appear for the exam within 2 months from training it will be good.”

3. Do you know, REP is not a must?

pmwares is not REP. In no way we want to say non-REPs are better. What we want to say is that REP or non-REP does not matter. If a service provided focuses on understanding the concepts and principles and guide people towards right, ethical and authentic way to prepare, it is good.

From above email and comment from participants, it is clear that several people have cleared exam after the training. Moreover several people attended our other program as well for learning more and earning PDUs post PMP.

4. Passing exam is a milestone, not ultimate goal

We guide our participants to consider PMP Exam as a milestone and focus on in-depth understanding of concepts and excellence at work which is a much higher goal. If you do so, your chances of passing PMP Exam increase multifold.

Jay Vinod Shah (Vijayjyot Seats) was more inclined to implement the concepts

“Knowledge generated new ideas, Will surely learn and implement”

Vishal Kamtane (Synochron) found it value for money

Big package in small price. Continue the good work.

Ashish Charate (Wipro) says

“Workshop helped to understand PMP concepts in terms of exam and practical approach”

Kunhunni (BMC Software) from another batch found this workshop as best training ever…

“This is one of the best classroom training I have attended, Very good interaction and the way it was delivered is highly appreciated”

5. It’s not easy but it’s not too hard as well

Several books and training are being sold on fear that PMP Exam is hard to crack. We say the opposite. This is about building confidence in the participants to go and hit the exam.

We provide guidance on how to prepare for exam after workshop, give a book that has enough material to prepare, suggest reference book to refer and personally assist people in clearing doubts. As everyone is different and need assistance in different areas, we provide coaching and mentoring to build confidence. We even assist people who did not go through our PMP workshop with all above mentioned assistance and help them to pass the exam and succeed as Project Manager.

Good Luck!!!

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