What all I need to pass PMP Exam?

- Vivek Prakash - May 1, 2012 -

1. You need an excellent trainer not a big institute

Ask any student or ask yourself, you would be student at some point of time. Who made the difference in your life? The answer would less likely be an institute. You probably remember a professor or an individual who provided guidance or made you think over and over that changed the way you were thinking and acting. Similarly it is the trainer who made all the difference in the classroom. He/she would make you to think, understand and grasp the underlying concepts.

Do not go on the name of the institute. A big institute does not ensure that you get a good trainer or many times it is other way round.  Either you enquire a small consulting firm or a big institute, always insist on who the trainer is, his/her credentials, experience and the most important is the feedback from previous participants which will tell you what exactly you are going to get in the training.

2. You need excellent guidance not just Q/A

Due to getting advices from various people around, PMP Aspirants often focus on question and answer too much. Q/As are definitely important but what is more important is to understand why an answer is right or wrong and the principle behind it. You need a person as guide or coach who provides direction for study, what to prepare and what not, the perspective of PMI (say PMIsm), studies on related subjects and specially relate the study with practical real life examples. PMP Exam questions are getting more and more situational.

3. Do you know, REP is not a must?

This is a big confusion not only among the PMP Aspirants but even among the people who are certified PMP. There are vested interests in keeping this confusion that the training from a REP is a must. However IT IS NOT. PMI in its PMP Handbook have given following option to get 35 hours of contact training program…

“You can satisfy the educational requirements by demonstrating the successful completion of courses, workshops and training sessions offered by one or more of the following types of education providers:
A. PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)*
B. PMI Component organizations*
C. Employer/company-sponsored programs
D. Training companies or consultants
E. Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment
F. University/college academic and continuing education programs

REP is one option out of six. PMI is a global, wide and believe in openness. So widen your scope.

4. Passing exam is a milestone, not ultimate goal

PMP Exam gives you PMP designation, it is not an endorsement that you are an excellent project manager and succeed as PMP. Doing 100 Q/As every day for a month, may make you pass the exam but will it also give you success as project manager? PMP designation will take you to interview board but you have to perform in interview to get the job. PMP designation will help you to become Project Manager of a complex project but will that project achieve its objective and make client happy?

PMP Exam is a milestone, the ultimate goal is to become an excellent project manager and succeed as PMP. This will happen if your foundation is strong. You have spent your time understanding the underlying principle while preparing for PMP Exam. Look for a training that encourage discussions in the class which helps imbibing the concepts and reaffirm your understanding. Look for a guide (Ideally your trainer) who helps clarifying doubt by providing practical scenarios.

5. It’s not easy but it’s not too hard as well

Believe me it is not as hard as it is explained in many books or in many classes. While I know uncounted PMPs who passed in first try, I do not know even handful of people who passed in second or third attempt.

Some institutes provide you guarantee for passing the exam. Quite possible they may be right however we must understand that guarantee can only be provided of a mechanical system. If you select a system which provides guarantee, you probably be part of a mechanical system where learning opportunities will be minimal and milestone will become your ultimate goal.

Have confidence in yourself. Sincere efforts in right direction with focused mind and committed time are enough to guarantee your success in PMP exam.

Good Luck!!!

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