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Answers to the questions asked during Webinar ``Smart Way to earn PDUs`` held on 11-Apri-2012


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Q1: For #6, self directed learning – what are the typical ways..e.g say if we make a complex program planning by referring PMP knowledge which can be re-used by our colleagues – can it be considered within this category?[Sudipta Pal] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:35 PM]

A: If you are generating contents which can be reused by your colleagues, it will fall under CATEGORY D: Creating New Project Management Knowledge

Q2: But PMI do not have Category for Outside providers, then under which category we should register the PDUs [Swati Pathak] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:34 PM]

A: Swati, Category B is for outside provider. i.e. not registered with PMI

Q3: Technical training in the related field conducted by Outside providers for 8hrs.  Can we claim PDU’s for this case? Should have the participation certificate for claiming the PDU’s. Home automation related to electrical field [Premkumar Subramani] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:49 PM]

A: Subject of the training should be related to project management areas, only then you can claim PDUs.

Q4: Do you have an Excel sheet which can be used to track the PDUs achieved ? If yes can you share the same?[Rajesh Deogiri] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:49 PM]

A: PMI has provided a very good interface. Keep logging your PDUs as and when you earn them. PMI Interface has enough options to manage and track your PDUs online.

Q5: If I complete all the required 60 PDUs by 2nd year it self, is it possible for me to renew my credentials. If yes, which date it will consider the renewal date. will it take the date as my exact 3rd year or the date I renewed.[Shreedhar Nanchar] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:53 PM]

A: PDUs cycle is of 3 years. As soon as you log your 60 PDUs, PMI send you a letter to renew your certification. Renewal will start from date of completion of current cycle i.e. after 3rd year.

Q6: Do we need to claim the PDU for each catagory?[Sunil Rout] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:56 PM]

A: Not necessary

Q7: I am working in the project field (HVAC projects) .daily coming across various PM processes. How can I claim PDu’s & how to maintain the evidence for the same. Under Which category can i claim [sanjay moholkar] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:59 PM]

A: You need to keep a record of what activity you did and how much time you spent on it. You can make a log and get approval from your supervisor. You approved time sheet record can also work. As this is not an educational activity but it is part of your work, it should fall under CATEGORY F: Working as a Professional in Project Management you should work 6 months within 12 months period.

Q8: I have collected 10 PDUs from my last company and now I am into some other company. How to keep track of the last one as I claimed that and left the organization?[Sunil Rout] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:03 PM]

A: Please refer previous question

Q9: I did my Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Under which category should I claim this PDU[LakshmiPriya Ganapathy] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 8:59 PM]

A: You can claim PDUs for training you attended. Cat A if training conducted by PMI Chapter or REP. Cat B if training conducted by any other provider.

Q10: For Cat B & C how do we produce the Proof of Learning?[Rajesh Deogiri] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:06 PM]

A: For category B, you normally get some email or certificate from training provider. For Cat C, you need to keep a record of what you referred and what you learned.

Q11: Also For B & C category 1hr + ?PDU[Rajesh Deogiri] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:07 PM]

A: For all categories where you earn PDUs by attending or conducting a training/knowledge session, 1 hour = 1 PDU

Q12: Can we claim 1.5 PDU immediately after this webinar under category B? :-)[Sudipta Pal] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:06 PM]

A: Yes

Q13: Under which category should we claim the PDU of this webinar?[LakshmiPriya Ganapathy] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:05 PM] [A: 9:07 PM]

A: Cat B

Q14: Can we claim PDUs for any project management webinars that we attend?[LakshmiPriya Ganapathy]] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:08 PM]

A: In general, Yes

Q15: Do all the webinars fall under Cat B? If so, can we claim all 60 under this by attending various webinars?[Padmaja M] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:09 PM]

A: If Webinar is conducted by chapter or REP, it may fall under Cat A. There is no limit in Cat A & B, so you can claim all PDUs under these categories.

Q16: If I attend a six sigma or ITIL training conducted by my organization how will I know how many PDUs I can claim?[Pramiti Bhatnagar] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:11 PM]

A: One hours of investment in training is equivalent to 1 PDU.

Q17: Vivek, in most of the organizations nowadays have automated and restricted web based timesheet entries, how can we track such aspects to evidence our PDUs[Rajesh Allem] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:12 PM]

A: You can create a log of your activity and get signature of your supervisor. If download is not possible, consider option to keep screen shot for evidence.

Q18: The Evidence will be asked only for the current review or even the previous cycles??[Rajesh Deogiri] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:13 PM]

A: Generally claims for current cycle are evaluated. However, nowhere it is mentioned that PMI cannot ask about previous cycle.

Q19: Under Cat F, to claim 5 PDU for project done, is there any criteria that a project should be for particular duration say 9 months or 1 year to claim 5 PDU?[Paul George] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:13 PM]

A: There are no criteria however you should work for minimum 6 months within 12 months period.

Q20: I am working as a Project leader the title is not showing as manager but i  am responsible for all the project manager activities like cost, time scope & schedule management[Rama Shankar Sahu] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:13 PM]

A: Title does not matter. Work is important and should include project management related activities.

Q21: If I read the updated PMBOK how and upgrade my skills how many PDUs can I claim for it?[Pramiti Bhatnagar] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:13 PM]

A: One hours of investment in training/self-learning is equivalent to 1 PDU.

Q22: What is the maximum number of PDU, can carry to next CCR Cycle?[Umasankar Natarajan] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:16 PM]

A: PDUs earned in 3rd year over and above 60 are carried forward to next cycle. Maximum limit is 20.

Q23: I write some journals for my company (Capgemini) magazine on Project Management. How to claim those and  if i can claim then which catatogory?[Sunil Rout] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:16 PM]

A: You can claim under CATEGORY D: Creating New Project Management Knowledge. Keep a copy of the journal for evidence.

Q24: For every year can we update the PDU as 5 in the category “Work as a Practioners” being a Project Manager at work [Karthikeyan Chandrasekaran] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:22 PM]

A: Yes, assuming you are indeed performing role of Project manager, irrespective of your designation / title.

Q25: So if I attend a 8 hr training it will be 8 PDUs? What evidence can i maintain for these [Pramiti Bhatnagar] [Q: 11-Apr-2012 9:24 PM]

A: True. Keep the certificate or an email or a letter from the training provider.


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