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Being a Manager

How game changes when a technical expert assumes responsibilities of a manager

November - 2013

Effectively managing multiple projects using MS Project 2010

Learn how MS Project facilitates dependencies across projects, master projects and sharing a common resource pool

September - 2013

5 Habits of Excellent Project Managers

Learn the lessons of excellence in project management

July - 2013

Using Function Points to estimate software

Learn why Function Point (FPA) is the best technique to estimate software development and how easy it is

May- 2013

10 Principles of Project Management for PMP Exam

Follow these Principales to pass the PMP Exam and be effective at work

April - 2013

The PMP Certification Exam

Everything you wanted to know about PMP Certification

February - 2013

Giving Importance to Important

Filter out unimportants to focus on important tasks

January - 2013

Configure Mind for Efficiency & Effectiveness

Know tools and techniques for configuring mind that you can directly apply in your projects to achieve better results

December - 2012

Critical Path+

A new scheduling technique developed using Critical Path, Critical Chain and Blue Ocean Strategy

November - 2012

Earned Value Management Using Microsoft Project

Implementing EVM Using Microsoft Project 2010

October - 2012