A specially designed 35 hours PMP Certification Training to build confidence in you to not only pass the PMP Certification Exam without fail but also succeed as Project Manager post PMP.

Covers all 5 process groups, 10 knowledge area and 48 processes defined in PMBOK 6th Edition to give you required 35 PDUs as prescribed by PMI.


  • Four days 35 hours program as per PMI Recommendation
  • Tea, Coffee, Lunch all taken care of for all four days
  • Guidance, Do's & Don'ts & Tips on PMP Exam,
  • Post training support for application and clearing doubts
  • Exam like Question/Answer for every chapter
  • Analysis of situational questions to understand concepts
  • Case Studies, Exercises, Audio/Video for effective adult learning
  • Access to online practice site
  • Certificate of 35 hours of training to apply for Exam
  • Program handouts


Vivek Prakash
Founder and Chief Consultant

Vivek Prakash, Founder and Chief Consultant, pmwares is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with more than 20 years of experience. He is an active volunteer of PMI since 2003 when he started PMP Club in Mumbai, later led translation of PMBOK 5th Edition into Hindi and currently write for PMI Global Blog "Voice of Project Management".

Passionate about project management – he trains, coaches and mentors project managers and senior managers to excel in project management and employ best practices. He provides advisory services to corporate for building strong project management capability, develop robust project management processes, setup effective project management systems and support managers on the job for implementation.


PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMP is a credential offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). Currently it is a globally recognized and most popular certification in Project Management.
See if you satisfy any of following two criteria, you are eligible
Criteria 1. Bachlers degree + 4500 hours of Project Management Experience + 35 hours of formal Project Management Training.
Criteria 2: Secondary Certificate/Diploma + 7500 of Project Management Experience + 35 hours of Project Management Training.
Classroom, tea/coffee/lunch, handouts, name of the institute etc. only make sense when trainer is good. If trainer is not good, above things hardly contribute in your success. Trainer can make or break your training and preparation. Poor trainer will teach you what is written in PMBOK while a good trainer will make you understand principles of project management, can become your mentor, provide you guidance and directions, help you resolve your issues and help you through out your preparation. it is not gurantee it is trainer's guidance and your efforts which is key to success.
Some of the main advantages are...
    1. Better job prospects as PMPs are preferred for PM position
    2. Get higher salary as PMI survey shows that PMPs get higher salary.
    3. Better understanding of project management principles that will lead to better performance
    4. Increase customer and management confidence in you
    5. It displays your commitment to pursue career and growth in project management